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Connect with Ole on Facebook or elsewhere

Connect with Ole on social networks

Things always happen around Ole Vadum Dahl. - Get an update, the moment something happens!

If you're already using one of the popular social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse or Twitter, you know that is is a great and entertaining way to keep informed and establish new contacts and friendships.

You're more than welcome to "become friends with", "conect with", eller "follow" Ole in the networks mentioned below.
To an increasing extent, Ole Vadum Dahl uses social networks to provide information on his activities regarding lectures, courses, trainings and other events both online and offline.
At the same time, he's beginning to upload some of his many words of wisdom about personal and spiritual development, about the art of living and life in general in small chunks on the Internet.
You no longer need to wait for Ole's next book to obtain more words of wisdom from him.
Connect with Ole in the social networks and receive a "spiritual" or psychological input the moment he takes inspiration.


Facebook is an extremely popular social network embracing all ages, temperaments and nationalities. Anyone from the Prime Minister to the young student and other ordinary people has a profile on Facebook. Here, people network with each other, they send virutal greetings and hugs, share videos, support all kinds of good causes, and much much more. You're more than welcome to request Ole's friendship on Facebook. Many other people have done it, and at the moment, Ole has about 900 friends on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook here. Request friendship with Ole here.

My Space

MySpace is similar to Facebook in many ways, even though the site doesn't contain quite as many facilities. But the site is popular, and you're wllcome to request friendship with Ole at Myspace, as well. You'll find the site of Ole Vadum Dahl at http://www.myspace.com/olevadumdahl


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, i.e. a kind of business network. Here, you can network with people from your own line of business or with people from other subject areas. Again, you're more than welcome to connect with Ole Vadum Dahl on this site. You'll find Ole's public profile on http://www.linkedin.com/in/olevadumdahl


Twitter is a funny Internet service, where you can keep each other up to date about what you're doing through short messages with the approximate length of a text. You can even receive your Twitter messages from the people you're following via texts on your mobile. Please visit Ole's site on Twitter and follow him there. It only takes a moment to sign up for Twitter and follow Ole there. - And it's free.


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