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Expert in psychology and self-development in the media

TV shows with Ole Vadum Dahl as the expert.

Over the years, Ole has taken part in a great number of TV broadcasts about self-development, coaching and therapy which have contributed to make him well-known all over the country of Denmark. Many people still remember how he helped a host of a Danish prime time TV show to get rid of a snake phobia in the course of about an hour on air back in the middle of the 19990's. Since then, he has participated in several debate programmes and talskshows on every national TV channel. 2007 was an especially busy media year, where Ole participated in no less than 15 TV shows.

At the end of January, the famous Danish host on one the major national TV channels, Signe Ryge Petersen, invited Ole to participate in a TV show on therapy, coaching and personal development, and she was so thrilled by Ole's very down-to-earth and practical way of relating to psychological issues, that 9 further shows were broadcast during the next 4 months.

The sequence of shows, which are still available on the Internet, deals with a wide range of topics, such as communication, love relationships, jealousy, anger, self-worth, meditation and much more.
In the fall 2007, 5 shows were broadcast on another major national Danish channel, where Ole was the recurring expert in a series called "the forbidden feelings".
Here, feelings such as anger, revenge, shame, jealousy and greed were given a loving, psychological treatment.

Ole as an expert in the press

Since 1986, Ole Vadum Dahl has been the subject of numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. This includes a wide spectre of the press including both tabloids and more serious newspapers, who've drawn upon the great psychological insight of Ole Vadum Dahl or written portrait articles about him.

In 2008, the Danish Women's magazine Altfordamerne has been the biggest supplier of articles. Before the end of the year, ole will have contributed to noe less than 6 articles in this magazine.


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