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Coaching and the Art of Living

Coaching and the art of living On a best-selling course after 3 weeks

On the 14th of November 2006, Ole's 5th book titled "Coaching and the Art of Living" was first published in Scandinavia.

This 280 page coaching book is a veritable bonanza of inspiring knowledge for everyone with an interest in coaching and personal development, and it's written with the integrity and humor characterizing the authorship of Ole Vadum Dahl.

Only 3 weeks after the publication of Coaching and the art of living, the publisher had to order the 2nd printing of this unusual coaching book, as the 1st printing of the book was sold out.

And now in March 2009 Coaching and the art of living has been published in English as an eBook worldwide.

Here's the publisher's comment about "Coaching and the Art of Living":
"According to this extraordinary coaching book, neither professional success nor personal happiness has very much to do with luck, destiny, the whims of higher powers or special inherent talents. On the contrary, it's about the art of living in the most literal sense of the word - and the art of living can be learned.

Life Coaching is a term for coaching that doesn't only cover working life, but it takes a step further and includes our entire life.
In Life Coaching people receive help to find inner answers, discover new possibilities and develop forgotten resources in both their professional and their private life.

Coaching and the Art of Living presents new angles on how to understand what lies behind our perception of ourselves, our abilities and possibilities.

In Coaching and the art of living you get a huge toolbox full of concrete coaching tools to free yourself from the thoughts and life patterns which hinder the full unfolding of your potential and your life,

and this coaching book demonstrates how we can learn to use the creative part of our psyche, from which life, joy and the feeling of meaning derives, to a much higher degree.

Coaching and the art of living comes in 2 parts. The 1st part of the book provides a theoretical approach to all the aspects of human thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns that we need to relate to, if we wish to work seriously with coaching and personal development. This part of the book also contains a great number of exercises which the reader can use to coach him/herself.

The 2nd part of Coaching and the art of living is a workbook containing several concrete directions for those who wish to coach other people actively.
Coaching - and the Art of Living delivers a range of new tools, models and exercises for life coaching, and Ole Vadum Dahl's ability to integrate well-known techniques in new contexts makes his approach to coaching outstanding and innovative."

Table of contents

1. Right here and now
2. Create your own future
3. Free yourself from the past
4. 4 ways towards better relations
5. Find yourself and unfold yourself
Introduction to Part 2
6. Meeting your client in the presence
7. Resource coaching
8. Attitude coaching
9. Relation coaching
10. Identity coaching

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Growing Together

Ole Vadum Dahl's 4th book "Growing Together" is an unusual book about love relationships and self-development. Already a few weeks after it was published for the 1st time in November 2001, "Growing Together" became a bestseller in Scandinavia just like Ole Vadum Dahl's 3 preceeding books which were published in the middle of the 90s, while Ole Vadum Dahl was still working with the NLP method.

Apart from being an innovative and practical book about love relationships, Growing Together is an introduction to ID therapy and self-development which has been developed by Ole Vadum Dahl through app. the last 10 years.

The ID method is already gaining a strong footing both within therapy, coaching and personal development in Denmark, where Ole is living.

In the book, Ole Vadum Dahl provides practical guidance as to how even the worst and most painful love relation problems may become a stepping stone in the direction of an intense and deep spiritual and personal development, if only we view the frustrations, conflicts and longings in a different way.

Ole Vadum Dahl claims that our relationship with the one we love really mirrors the relationship we have with ourselves on a deeper level, and he explains that the degree of contact we have with our own soul is crucial to how deep our love and intimity with our partner will be. And therefore, we can't separate our own development from our partner and our relationship.

Thus, actual self-development is literally about growing together.

On the 20th of October 2006, The Danish edition of Growing together was republished by one of the major publishers in Scandinavia Borgen Publishing.

And now, it's possible to get your hand on the English edition, after it has been translated.

Buy the book as an eBook here.


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